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Go Go Around Italy

Directed by: Francesco Colombo

N. Episodes: 20 x 7'

Broadcasted by: RAI YOYO | RAI PLAY


In the picturesque Italian town of Gravina in Puglia, the ordinary playtime of two curious children, the cousins Cipo and Mia, takes an extraordinary turn at the Robinson Park. A sudden spectacle unfolds in the sky, as a peculiar flying spacecraft executes mesmerizing maneuvers. Against the odds, the pilot manages a serendipitous landing in the park, unveiling a strange, goofy green being with three eyes – the disoriented extraterrestrial introduces himself as Zet...

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Teen Days

Directed by: Maurizio Nichetti

N. Episodes: 26 x 26'

Broadcasted by: Disney Europe and RAI 2


A group of high school students who attend the Musix School, a high school for Music and the Performing Arts, form a band to participate in the international competition for music schools called Music One. In order to advance to the finals, they have to learn how to get along with each other, how to deal with the demands of school, and how to compete with their rivals. The six members of the Teen Days experience all the highs and lows of life as teenagers, including love, disappointments, friendship, and rivalry.

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School For Vampires

Directed by: Robert Arkwrigh, Simon Ward-Horner

N. Episodes: 52 x 26'

Broadcasted by: RAI 2 | RAI GULP | ARD | SVT2 SWEDEN |



The series follows Oskar von Horrificus, a young vampire who faints at the sight of blood and is in love with a human girl named Sunshine. She is the granddaughter of an eccentric vampire hunter. Oskar attends the School for Vampires, which is run by his uncle, Count von Horrificus. He embarks on numerous nighttime adventures in a nearby city alongside other young vampires who also attend the school.

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Stone Age

Directed by: Alan Simpson

N. Episodes: 52 x 11'

Broadcasted by: RAI


Welcome to Rockville, an average town in the Stone Age where a group of hip nine-year-olds, including T-Bone Rex and Stella Stone Age, navigate a happy suburban life with unique Stone Age gadgets like "rocky-iPods", stone-wheeled skateboards, and interactive prehistoric video games.

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Red Caps

Directed by: Igor Bertolucci

N. Episodes: 26 x 26'



The series features the RED CAPS, Santa's team of dynamic helpers, who are endowed with special powers. The RED CAPS help children all over the world stand up for their rights and take responsibility for our planet and the environment. Each episode features the RED CAPS' action-packed adventures in different parts of the world as they race against time - and Santa's evil twin brother, Basil - to find the 26 fragments of the Mystical Crystal.

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